Friday, April 17, 2009

Cardigan Love

Johnny let it slip today that he hates my cardigans. Correction, he doesn't love my cardigans. He thinks that they tend to hide my figure, and make me look a bit older than I am. My immediate reaction is one of concern, ' hate my cardigans! But they are practical!I'm always so cold and I can throw them into my purse...' But truth be what once was a practical element that I would carry with me just in case has become a standard part of my wardrobe. It's the last thing I put on every day, and I use them to incorporate a different feeling to a lot of my outfits. Johnny may be right though. Not about the cardigans of course, but about the fact that maybe I need to have a little variety in my life. Even when you think you are trying to colors and styles, if you are falling back on the same ol' same types of clothing are you really branching out? I've set myself the challenge. One week without cardigans. My first concern is of course the temperature issue, but I think it can be done. I'm excited to see what my closet has to offer, and how I can work some different pieces in ways I haven't before. Will I be able to live through a week without cardigans?

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