Monday, January 26, 2009

Jessica Simpson Shoes

My new favorite shoes finally arrived! I am so satisfied with the fit and look of the red flats so I was anxious to get the black jessica simpson shoes in. These were the start of my new found Ebay obsession. I kept seeing such cute styles all labeled as the blonde celebrities new line, one I was certain I was going to hate, and I just couldn't help but to wonder what else she had out there. So I started on Ebay thinking I would get to see a variety of her styles from some past and present seasons. Next thing I know these Mary-Jane Slingbacks were mine for $10 and some shipping. Well those and some flats and a purse and clutch. Oh man, Ebay has taken over and I am far to poor and easily manipulated to get sucked into cheap fashions. Anyways, my shoes arrived this weekend and I couldn't wait for work on Monday to put them on. I even wore them all Sunday night as I put away all my laundry and did some housework. It's something I've always done, as soon as I get a new pair I throw off my coat and prance around the house in them. I've always told myself it's to help break them in, and to make sure that the fit is the same at home in real life as it was walking in a straight line back and forth in the store. Of course in truth I secretly am too excited to wait to wear my shoes for a special occassion. Any reason to put on great shoes is a good enough reason for me. I originally rolled up my jeans just so the shoes could be easily seen for the pictures, but decided to wear them just like that today. Alittle cuff at the bottom and a simple top made it an easy dressing day. I didn't realize of course that it is negative 2 degrees outside, which made the cuff and shoes seem a little unreasonable, but here in the office with my perfect little space heater, I have no doubts about my choices this morning.

We had some tickets this past week with some friends of ours to go see Avenue Q, as the off broadway production was strolling through town. The play itself was great. It was funnier than I had anticipated and the sheer talent of the stage actors always amazes me. I had spent all day at work contemplating what I was going to wear. I was in the mood to get all dressed up for a night at the theater. Of course, dressing up is entirely unnecessary for this kind of theater, especially in this town but I tend not to get dressed based on what I think the common style of the crowd will be. I had decided that I wanted to wear black tights and some shoes, especially since tights seem to be everywhere I look lately. The only pair of tights I own are these cute Betsy Johnson pair. I own them in both black and gray and they have fun vertical designs running down them. I've worn them a few times but I could not seem to get it right last week. I put on the above outfit last week and luckily decided to take a quick picture before running out the door. I had no idea that the stockings made me look like a bit of a street walker. In long skirts, the tights make me look squatty, a problem my 5'7 frame doesn't usually have so I have to be very specific with my outfit selection for the pair. I thought the short skirt would maybe highlight the tights, and because I don't have any short black skirts, white would have to do. One look at that picture though and I sprinted back in my room and through on some jeans. I suppose that's to point of trying on various outfits. What looks good in your head almost never looks the same on and often things need to be adjusted. But what did they do in the world before digital cameras? I suppose it's no wonder the 60's had some major hits and some even more major misses! In the long run my jeans were perfect for the occassion. I stopped at Kohl's after work the following day in hopes of finding some great tights. I have always had the problem of wearing stockings or tights one time before a nicely placed run has found it's way up my calf. For this reason I tend to avoid all things thin and sheer. What a waste of money for one time use leggings. Even still, I am determined to find some adult appropriate leg wear. I have kept my eyes opened for weeks now with no success. In fact I've never even been in Kohl's but so many of my friend's have good luck there, and it was on my way home so I found myself pulling into the parking lot. Lucky I did too. They were having a 75% off sale in every department. I found some great sweater dresses, my other much saught after wardrobe piece. I found a few but even with their lower prices, it wasn't what I had hoped to spend. I'm down a roomate in a month and all of my bills will be doubling so currently saving is the name of the game. I did discover though, that Kohl's has adult tights! Microfiber tights at that :) And lucky for me they were all 1/2 off. I walked out with a pair of black, of brown and some argyle black ones. I was so excited and immediately started inventorying all of my now possible outfits. Saturday night we went out for a friend's birthday, and so did my black tights. I had intended to take an outfit picture, but forgot until the morning after as I'm waking in my pajamas. The microfiber tights made there way safely home and without a tear or a rib. I think this was due in part to the thicker matierial, and due largely in part to the fact that I am an adult now so they are much durable when you arn't crawling around a play-ground. Anyways as Monday morning starts I am happy with my successful weekend. Black Shoes, Black tights and a bunch of Black and white photos.

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